Oct 11, 2011

Two Tutus for Two

I have been following a little gray's Oliver + S Sewalong.  You should too! This month is the Bias Trimmed Apron
It's not on the list but I thought I would share this anyway.  I made two tutus for a friend's twin girls birthday. (Gees that sounded confusing)
I made a bit of a toned down version.  Not quite as many layers as the pattern called for.
But I think they still turned out very sweet.

I had one folded layer plain and one folded layer all sparkly. Oooo Pretty.

After I finished there was glitter ....everywhere.

But I do love them.  And the glitter was worth it.  I think the purple one was my favourite.
I will definitely give them another whirl.  

Oct 2, 2011

Little Things To Sew Along - Penguin Backpack

I got myself a copy Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson
I loved it. So many amazing projects. So beautifully photographed, which always wins me over.

My first project from the book was actually the Tutu, but it was the Penguin backpack that was the clincher for me. I had been looking for a backpack pattern for ages and this one looked perfect.

I made the penguin backpack several months ago, for my cousin's little boy for his 2nd birthday. He loved it. It was a great size for him.

This book was actually the first time I had made something from Oliver + S patterns. I since have fallen in love with so many patterns in the range.
The instructions were very thorough. The zip insertion - wow. I would have to say that its the best zip I have ever inserted. I was quietly very proud of myself.

I used a black duckcloth for the body and straps. It was easy to work with, so very soft. Unfortunately not a lot of structure though. I wanted the bag to have some stand up ability. So I actually inserted a piece of rigid plastic in the bottom. I used plastic from the "green" shopping bags. It worked really well because it was rigid but a bit bendy too.

There was lots of great tips and advice to give such a professional finish. Love those webbed feet.

It was here I first fell in love with spots.

I would highly recommend this book. I am really keen to try the messenger bag as well.

Thanks for the sew along Jessica.