Jan 19, 2011

My first Block Party

Quilt story are having a block party.

Fresh Poppy Design

and I thought I would join in.
My first block is one from Elizabeth Hartmans new book A Practical Guide to Patchwork. Its a block from a quilt she has called rain and shine. The points were a little tricky.

I like that whenever I look at the block a different perspective stands out to me

Now to find another new block to try.

Jan 11, 2011


when i first saw this tree i fell in love.

And my mum loves hexagons. I wanted to make it for her. I have never been that good at hand piecing, I'd tried hexagons before but a long time ago. I really enjoyed making them. It was really great to do some hand sewing.
I used my scraps, funny thing is that a lot of them were her scraps that she had given me when I’d been looking to make “something”.
I reverse engineered this beautiful tree. Making up as I went.
I finished it. Eventually. Just in time to give to her for Christmas. I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Mum loves it. Even my nasty stitching in the trunk.


thought i might collect a few things. a bit of this and bit of that.