Apr 3, 2013

Forest Path Cape

Liesel and her team at Oliver + S release their patterns on the off season to me. But it tends to work out for a couple of reasons.  Lately I have become a more careful sew-er.  I have really started to appreciate the construction of clothing, and how small techniques can create beautiful garments.  This has largely come from sewing with Liesel's incredible patterns. Anyway this appreciation has slowed me down, but in a good way. 
Also, for some reason, it takes me a little while to grow to love patterns. As I see examples coming through the Flickr group (a place where I spend waay too much time) I get a better feel for the patter, and then start to love it.

The Forest Path Cape was released by Oliver and S in January this year.  There is also a matching adult version called Woodland Stroll.  

To make the cape a little less formal,  I made my version out of navy fleece.

The lining is a cotton sateen remnant I picked up at Spotlight.  I love it.  I love the large print and it is lovely and soft. And those red flowers!

I found the buttons at Spotlight too, but they only had one packet of two. Arrgh.

I source some more online from here.  

I decided that the side button button may not be too practical for my little one.  Instead I simply did a straight line stitch about 3/4 inch from the edge.  

I'm really happy with it, and with the weather cooling down here in the last few days it may be in use soon.  That's if I can get her to wear it.