Apr 18, 2012

The Lone Starburst Finished

I finished up my Lone Starburst and love it.  I found the template here at Six White Horses.  She has made some beautiful examples.  
The fabrics are just some fat quarters I picked up from Spotlight.  The yellow is really quite a mustard yellow and contrasts so well with the purple.

I really enjoyed this first serious attempt at paper piecing.  I was a bit shocked at the wastage from the trimming after piecing a part of the block, but I guess that would improve with more accurate cutting of fabric.  I was a bit haphazard with my cutting. Never been one of my strong suits.  I will definitely make this block again, and attempt lots more paper piecing. 

My plan is to make a pillow but I didn't really want to make a square pillow.  I know this block doesn't really lend itself to a rectangular shape. So I'm not really sure how to proceed. Any suggestions anyone?

Mar 12, 2012

Almost a star

I have been trying out paper piecing.  And I'm really quite enjoying it. 
This beautiful star caught my eye on Pinterest.  
This is only my second attempt at paper piecing, so I'm pretty proud actually.  It's amazing how neat and all but perfect it comes out.

Just gotta make 3 more!  Thanks to Anna at Six White Horses for the template!
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