Apr 30, 2011

Baby headbands

Now, I’m not really a baby headband sort of person but I was glad to be able to have a go at making these for a friend to give her new baby niece.

They came together very easily. I used this tutorial from Heartmade Blog which I found through Sewing In No Mans Land post here to guide me. For the rose-like flower I actually stitched the petals down into the centre rather than stitching them flat. I liked the finished swirly effect it has given it.

Just don’t tell anyone I did it by accident because I was remembering the tutorial from my head rather that reading the directions. Gotta love happy accidents.

I used a t-shirt that I had stashed, which was super soft. So gentle for baby's head.
I just had a rough guess at the size, but I think they will fit fine.

I will definitely make some more in the future for gifts.

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